After arriving in Krakow, we ate at the airport, because everything was closed at the bus station, I knew about it .. Then we called a taxi and arrived at the bus station and waited for the bus. He arrived on time ... We arrived at customs at 5 am .. Rain, 7 degrees Celsius. We took out all the jackets and all the warm clothes that we had. I arrived at the railway station at 13.10, we ran to the platform in the hope that we would have time to board the last train for today to Vinnitsa (ours left at 12 o’clock and the tickets were gone), but they didn’t take us. It is strict in Ukraine now, you only need a ticket online or at the box office. We waved a handkerchief to the train, we ate in a cafe and called a taxi from the railway station to the bus station. ... Read more »

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