In Poland .in Krakov  was date in our agency. Now we are real international Marriage agency, We arrange date in different countries.  But afrer the date it was some missunderstanding. Sometimes it can happen...

"Nata,listen i am good person.i never wrote that you lied about mama..I only suggested to be more stable about behavior and soul,and to do it for yourself and dear your mom.
So,let's meet..speaking in person avoids misunderstanding messages..
You came here for me,20 hours of means means that you have feelings for me.
I flew here for you,leaving my so,parents,brothers and sisters who miss me..
I did it for means i have feelings for,it means i love u
Then,my dear,
deb ... Read more »

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 This letter I publish for men. If you meet your right woman -do not lose her.

Today i teceived the letter of my  client. He loved my client Anna, but characters… i  tryed to help them to be together but… and  the years gone, she is alone, he is very alone. He called me for my Birthday. he was calling me many years, we were good friends with him. And asked  anout his loved woman. I told that she is still alone even 10 years gone. And only read this sad letter. which he wrote to her Life. Sometimes very cruel...

"Dear Anna, I've been thinking a lot about you since yesterday. It was very pleasant speaking with you. It brought back memories about our time together many years ago. I remember you as ... Read more »

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So nice to receive the letters like this. Only pity that the letters like this I receive not every day. But even for this small letter I am thankful to my client.

"Luba, you are simply extraordinary because for you every woman is for me.
I really like your ability to always propose every person as my soul mate.
You’re good.
Do your job well.
Unfortunately, often the women you have introduced to me have not been able to connect with me.
But that’s their problem."


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Dear Luba, I hope you are well. I am always out for work. I have little time available unfortunately If there will be a chance to meet a new woman, willingly, otherwise I already have a full life. I don’t want a girl like Karolina, a capricious and restless person. I don’t care and I don’t need it. I speak to you honestly. So one woman, I repeat a woman aged 40 to 50 years. A woman who does not want to have children. A woman graduated, I repeat a cultured and refined person. A beautiful woman, reserved, skilled cook, clean, a beautiful smile, faithful, absolutely devoted, clean, intelligent.
A tall woman, at least 168 cm. A slender physique.
Better a woman with children of age or almost 18.
Because I am a free man, my children are adults and do not live with me. I am not going to fill the house with children of another woman.
AlsoDear Luba, I hope you are well. I am always out for work. I have little time available unfortunately I ... Read more »

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