What can I say?
I wanted Julia. Julia doesn’t want me. So all the other women seem less interesting to me.
Surely something I did wrong with Julia, but I was so determined to get to know her. I was convinced that she was my life partner. But she doesn’t want me. For me it’s a humiliation. Rejection is for a man something that burns. It hurts.
I don’t know what to do!
I would have done anything for her.
I liked her as Victoria the beautiful Russian woman I dated last year.
I’m looking for a woman, not a girl. Of course girls are beautiful, but I want a woman.
I really like Lina, but she is so young for me. With time the relationship becomes more and more difficult to carry on
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I would like to write my thoughts on how much you said and on your person.  Regarding your words 'you did everything for your pleasure': dearTina, I don't need to go to certain restaurants, because I frequent them regularly, I don't need to buy apartments because I already have them and because I live alone, I I don't need to show you the east and west parts of this city because I know it, I don't need to visit photo exhibitions because I've already visited them, I don't need a babysitter and I don't need to buy anything , and I don't need to finance other people's lives, and I can finance mine.  Consequently, if I did all this, it was for the pleasure of your company.  This was enough for me, mainly. &n ... Read more »

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She will decide what to do with her life. She will choose a man and I wish her happiness.
If you come to Rome, Florence, Milan.. of super beautiful girls from all over the world including Italy, who thought they could have it all, and instead after giving up a healthy and serious man because they thought they deserved much more.I want to delete my profile on your site. How do you do it? It’s not fair that a person like me is in the middle ofthose girls. I would just like to make a video all with Julia. She probably realizes that she made a huge mistake. I am 100% sure that if she sees me she is delighted. The photos are not beautiful, but I do not care.Lina is a beautiful girl but too young (you wanted me to communicate with her and I did not want but you ... Read more »

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