Not easy to arrange the dates in different cities of Europe. One date was in Khrakov. Not very happy, but it was.

"Nata,listen i am good person.i never wrote that you lied about mama..I only suggested to be more stable about behavior and soul,and to do it for yourself and dear your mom.
So,let's meet..speaking in person avoids misunderstanding messages..
You came here for me,20 hours of means means that you have feelings for me.
I flew here for you,leaving my so,parents,brothers and sisters who miss me..
I did it for means i have feelings for,it means i love u
Then,my dear,
deblock me!i love u)..
I wait u here .I ll sleep some hour cause I got tired because of these new misunderstanding and quarrel.
So don't think badly if I ll not reply you
I ll wake up and let me find lovely message sent by you
I miss u..
Let's meet again tonight.
I love and like a lot ... Read more »

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