Special and very romantic Engagement was in our agency.We will publis only one photo and you can  can see yourself. She is from Ukraine from Kiev. He is from Italia. from Roma. The Engagement was in Italia.In Roma in the romantic hotel "Chopin".

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This video is made in Vinnitsa, the beautiful city in the central part of Ukraine. Our Collegue Elena made it for our client from Italia. We go to Italia to Organize the date to our client, who lives in The capital of Italia. I, Elena and the future fiancee of our client, we go all 3 to present our charming lady to  my client and to his parents.  We are sure that they will like each other from first look.

In Vinnitsa the Russiam missils also come, but the  city try to survive and we try to work and do our job in order that in this world will be more love.  Will be more love and maybe the war will be finished soon.

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