How pleasant to read the letters like this. Our Italian client Antonio is in love. Great! In our Marriage agenvy "Love" -love is always.

"Julia..for me it would be simply a DREAM to conquer your  heart..
You are the woman of my dreams..
I can do for you everything..if you like me and we ll fall in love eachothers you will not need to will relocate to my country fully..and I ll provide for you all the goods you need:financially, morally and mostly my faith  and faithful..
I ll bend on my knees every morning just to thank our Lord for making meet a girl so angelic and complete..
And I gona thank Him for each day ill be living with you beside me.."

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 This letter we receive from our client. Our job is  not easy Only read this letter.

"Dear Elena 
This girl shorter than you told me [165  instead of 175 as  you assured) is even a liar:
Read the messages..
I wrote what you ad ised that is to meet without hurry,not necessarly tomorrow.
She a sered:next time you ll come where I will be, eve in Norway.
So I asked to send me back those 150 that I sent her.
But she try to lie, saying she already spent 150 euro that I sent for trip, buying  a suitcase..thing Impossible in 20 minutes.
She even said:I will send Elena the suitcase!!!
Can u imagine which liar and dishonest is she?
So, considering that she's too short .and ... Read more »

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 Not all our couple fall in love from the first look. Sometimes can be this way.

"Dear Mark! You are a poet! I admire your posts. I have never received such beautiful words and so much.. maybe this is a lie.. but pleasant. you are an imposing, smart man full of charm and charm. you can captivate any girl. I am sure that it will be interesting and fun with you. but, I'm not quite sure that you need a woman like meI'm a careerist and I love a beautiful dear life! I am material, and you are a romantic .. I don’t quite understand how it can exist together I have been to Italy many times, but what I saw I didn’t feel that I could fall in love with this culture and this country .. I am more restrained, while the Italians have an active ... Read more »

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