Dear  Fabio I understand. Don't be angry my friend! It is important that everything went well. You saw Karina. You met and got to know me. You see that I have good home kind girls. They are not capricious. Yes, I'm sincerely sorry that everything is so expensive. I feel sorry for Karen too. She returned home with a loan that increased even more. I understand her tears all the way, that she has nothing to live on. Yes, as it turned out she was not ready for adulthood. But here it can be viewed from a different angle! I brought you a girl who does not yet know life. And you, you are a wise and highly intelligent person, you can raise her as your wife. You can teach her about love and financial literacy. You can try to blind from not. what you want, what you ... Read more »

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We are glad to present you our client from Greece, Grown up guy, educated, good hearted, spontanioun,religious, responsible and kind with the good maners. He likes the nature, the animals, the beautiful women. Why not? He is handsome,with money, with education,with a good health. This letter is for the women. Dear ladies! look which nice man and he is alone. do not lose the time and immidiately write a letter to us and we will sent your letter to this our customer. His name is Grigog.  We are waiting your letters, dear,ladies with good photos.

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 We continue to look for a special womam for our customer. It is not easy , but we are sure, that we will find for him his dream lady.

"Beauty isn’t everything to me.
If a woman is not smart. If a woman, like Yuliya wants children, because I know that she wanted children, for me it is not necessary to waste time. A woman is not just a body and a face.
I can leave her or anyone else if she gives me trouble or wants an impossible life for me.
She, like Karolina, like other women, can hardly be at my side.
I’m much less interested in women than before.
I got used to being single, my freedom.
If she wants to come here to Italy and behave with me in a correct way always she can be welcome, otherwise she, if ... Read more »

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Listen ...
I didn't do anything bad when we met. I gave my phone number to Julia as gesture of immediate interest..
nothing and  nobody authorizes you to accuse that i was deivious!!!
I can't permit to anybody even to think such awful behavior about me..ok??
Indeed I paid or not for Julia??
And: I payed café ;fresh fruit juice for both of you..about this can you remember that you wanted only 300 ml BUT I INSISTED IN BUYING GLASS OF 400 FOR BOTH OF YOU SAYING THAT YOU NEEDED MORE NUTRIENTS after your long and tiring trip??
Is this a detail meaningless in your opinion or it sayis a lot about my n ... Read more »

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