So, i again ask you to forgive me..even i already asked..
The bouquet was a way to renovate my apologies..
I miss you..your sweet voice,your beauty,your charm..
I am sick now..i have Covid Omicron 5 variant,sorry dangerous..
I need to be in touch with you again..
That's all .i cant say more..
But if you don't love me anymore,if you found another man,it is your choice..
But in this case i only invite you to rememver,please remember,of the sweetest moments that whe shared together..
Faitfully yours,Fabio

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I am glad you understand.Lina, who with every message continues to offend, tease, declares that she does not want to come to me. What’s the point of wasting my time with this girl? 0. Nothing.  She won’t come? It is a problem that no longer concerns me. Lina is not the only woman from Ukraine and other countries.
His offenses are daily against me.
If you hadn’t texted me, I already didn’t have your cell phone number.
You lost 30 Italian clients to me.
A winning strategy.
For four cheap women.Tomorrow I will go to the Vatican to meet a Cardinal in a suit and tie, while your friend Lina (for example) is sadly featured on your website, as a wretch, hoping that someone in the West will bring her and her son to his ... Read more »

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When there was the war in the Balkans between Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia.. After an initial period of reception in Western Europe, we came to see a river of girls of those nationalities who came to our country. People will not think long about Ukraine. This war is also harming our economies, families and jobs. Many companies are closing. Fathers and mothers without work and with children to live. In Italy 45% of people do not want to send weapons to Ukraine because that money is for our fellow citizens who are losing everything for redundancies and companies that are closing. In a  month the Italians will want to go to the beach, go back to work, pay their debts. If Italy continues to help Ukraine with arms costs so expensive risks that the socio-economic bal ... Read more »

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I deleted Alexandra’s cell number, who wanted to meet me in London. I’m not interested, and out of respect for her, I don’t want to make fun of anyone. I hope that you will meet a man with whom to be happy, but it is not me. If you don send greetings  what changes? Nothing or almost. We have 23 years of age difference. However, she began to mock me, she uses against me a harsh and sometimes rude verbal language. There are no premises to start an important relationship between us. At the beginning it is important to have sweetness, about a person. Interest. Irony. Passion. But you have the opposite. Unacceptable. Impetuous.Honestly would be ashamed if I had to share my life with a woman so narcissistic, egocentric, ephemeral, superficial at least ... Read more »

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