Our client from Italia is in Love. He  invited one our lady to visit him in  his country, in his village. He is patriot of his country and he is sure that that girl will marry him and also will love this part of world and they will be happy there. Lets hope that it will happen. Love it is always great!

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 So many girls around us but this client couldnt find correct lady. so pity.

"I want to write my sensat ... Read more »

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Dear Karolina, at the end of the month I return to my home. I am out on business. I have changed many things in my life. Right now I have four job opportunities. I am really happy because there is a big economic crisis, but I have a very appreciated professional resume and therefore I get many job offers. I’ll do everything I can to be your man, and if I can’t, I’ll wish you happiness. But if you get married, I don’t want to interfere in your future life anymore. I am happy to have met you, unfortunately because of a disease that I have cured and defeated, I have disappeared. I have always thought of you beside me. I wanted to make you happy, and I want you to be happy with me in the future.
A strong hug.
I think about you all the t ... Read more »

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 What a tender letter wrote Mario to our client Natali! So pleasant to read. They will meet in Khrakov !9June and then they will fly to Roma where Mario lives. Lets hope that they will like each other. They were waiting this date one year.

"  Natali my dear,are you OK?
Why you wrote me such bad terrible message and blocked me again?
What did you mean?.I am not cancelling anything.. 
I am doing the boarding pass to Krakov for the day of 19..
What irritated you?
My brother wrote you something bad?
Tell me  
Or do you have still temperature?
Maybe you got some hit at head and it causes such instability to you?

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 So nice to read the latters of love. In our Marriage Agency "Love" we receive the letters like this every day.

"Dear my love Carol..
I realised how much is heavy the emptiness you left in my life and heart with your disappearing..
Clouds are obscuring the sun's rays every days.. 
And moon refuses to  spread its light, in order to cover l my days,my moments,my morning with night darkness
And my soul gets cupe and lost wherever I go,wathever i do..
I begg you to come into my life
Coming at once to me..
I ll not ask you back the money i sent,indeed,I ll send what else you need for your trip to me..
Come in a couple of days..
My house will be full with your smile,ejth your swe ... Read more »

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