" My dear Vera,

I am writing this letter in an effort to save our relationship. In the last several days I noticed that we lost something, and even something dark has entered your being. I have meditated on why and how we can come back to a greater union and love……. that is if you choose to do so. It will require a lot of courage on your part. When we first met, I wanted to warn you of what might occur but I felt it would be a little to heavy to take in and it might scare you away. What I wanted to say is that ... Read more »

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 Many our clients ask us to tell about  the situation in Kiev. I think it is better to see than to hear. That is why we went to the center of Kiev and made those photos for you, dear clients, 

You can pay attention that in the streets and in the shops,  everywhere only the girls and woman. It is sad  story. But it is the reallity.

 we have the hope that our next article will be not so sad.

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  Our favorite Italian client is very serious about future marriage. It seems that we  found already his dream lady, but he still has mny questions to her.


I live in a village of 28000 inhabitants. I lead a healthy life. Serena. Equibrata. I saw your last picture on the profile. Surely you were abroad in a luxury hotel. I want to live in my house with my woman, cooking together, going to the supermarket together, a normal life, without unnecessary glitz, but with the right things.  In life you need concreteness. If a person is not well you need a good doctor. Beauty is of no use. Have you thought about your future? How can you live when you are older than you are today?  Who will you want to be with in the future? If there is no solid ... Read more »

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 Dear our ladies! this article for you. Read what our favorite Italian client wrote. It can help you in the way to find a foreigner man for marriage.

"I want to be 100% honest with you. I just want a very beautiful woman. But beauty must be accompanied by humility, intelligence, education, honesty. Italy is really a beautiful country where you can live well. These women all look like porcelain dolls, people who have not understood anything about their lives, females who have absurd claims, individuals who have no money to buy a house in my country, who can never buy a car, Women who no one’s gonna get a decent job. Almost all Ukrainian women in my country are caregivers to older people, or they wash the stairs. There is a great bias towards them.. Most ... Read more »

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