The difficult times came in my country. The war. What can be more terrible? It is difficult for everybody, but not only for people-also for animals. 

Our agency decided to help to the animals in zoo. Some of our clients decided to send some money in order to help the animals. At the beginning we sent some many to zoo by bank, but today we decided to bring money directly to animals in zoo. We have the hope that it will help to the animal to make their life more easy. And we say thanks for all clients who helped: to Paolo, to Alain, to Klaus,  to Alex. The animals cannot speak and we say “ Thanks” instead of them.

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"I can accommodate you in my house. I’ll give you a bedroom with a private bathroom. Everything for you. The camera has an internal key, so you can and must lock yourself in. I don’t even touch you with a finger. Honestly, it’s not my behavior. In fact, I expect you to be safe with me. My children are in my house, too, each in their room. So for me you are only and exclusively a friend. Nothing more at least for the moment. I have 5 bedrooms in my house. 2 bedrooms are en suite. One is for you and one is for me. Breakfast in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner in the living room. Then everyone sleeps in their own bed. That’s my decision. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. You pay for the return flight to Rome. Your en ... Read more »

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One More Thing ,Dear Luda...

A person must also think about old age. Will these women have a pension to live on when they are old? Or are they thinking of wearing stilettos at 60 or short skirts? They would be ridiculous of course. When I finish working, I can live my life with my work pension. So I won’t have any problems. And it’s terrible to have problems when you’re old! They live without thinking about tomorrow. Who doesn’t have a strategy will never have a future. I am very sad to have met such poor women, but unable to open their eyes, to use common sense, to look at life in its complexity. Life is unpredictable. Health is not forever. Difficulties will happen to everyone. But if a person does not have a family, cultural and econ ... Read more »

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