Attention For Ladies

 Dear our ladies! this article for you. Read what our favorite Italian client wrote. It can help you in the way to find a foreigner man for marriage.

"I want to be 100% honest with you. I just want a very beautiful woman. But beauty must be accompanied by humility, intelligence, education, honesty. Italy is really a beautiful country where you can live well. These women all look like porcelain dolls, people who have not understood anything about their lives, females who have absurd claims, individuals who have no money to buy a house in my country, who can never buy a car, Women who no one’s gonna get a decent job. Almost all Ukrainian women in my country are caregivers to older people, or they wash the stairs. There is a great bias towards them.. Most of the most beautiful ones in Ukraine unfortunately end up working as prostitutes. This is the harsh reality. Suppose we go out to dinner with friends. My friend’s wife can say she’s a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer. Italian women are rich. They have their own houses. Cars. Money in the bank. And instead what can be, do, give a Ukrainian woman to an Italian man? Sex? Sex is every 10 meters. Everywhere. The Ukrainian woman if she wants to be happy with an Italian man must be a very beautiful woman, she must cook, she must be faithful and she must be close to Italian man. Why? Because without an Italian man you can’t live in my country. Instead these women don’t understand anything. I feel sorry for them. To live here it takes a lot of money. You have understood everything, they have nothing."

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