'I love you beyond words and I would give you the world. You are the woman I have been looking for for so long. You are someone I want to marry and enjoy a most beautiful life with.  We can have everything we could need in life including solving your financial problems which to me is very small. But I cannot tolerate lies and deception. This goes against love and building trust.


If you really want the same, then you need  to feel the same. You also need to always be tru ... Read more »

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"Good morning.

I have no words.

Definitely 2 beautiful photographs.

It always starts like this.

Then it always ends with 0 result.

We tried them all.

You know my thoughts well.

Who has serious intentions does not waste time and runs in Italy to me.

You can tell her who I am. Where I live. What I do. What I want.

You’re wasting your time.

If a woman wants a Man and a better life, she runs after counseling you"

 You can see ,dear friends, that the letters can be different.The people can see that agency exists and arrange dates.sometimes happy, sometimes not. But we work. Its important to give the people the hope.--


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"I am writing you this letter because I would like to clarify some things with you. I have had an experience with you and with other agencies. The result has always been disappointing. But this is not a problem. On the contrary. I have understood many things. For example, love is not sought. Love comes. Often when no one waits for him anymore. And he overwhelms everything and everyone. Precisely because he is unpredictable. It is said that he does not last long. It can also end earlier than expected. But this is how it manifests itself. Moreover, with a foreign woman the differences and difficulties would be too many. Many incurable. I think a woman from a poor country like Ukraine should run quickly to a Western man and not waste time. But it just happened the o ... Read more »

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