This potry was written by our favorite client Roberto.He wrote this poetry to hisloved lady. And we have the hope that he will be married with her soon.

"Sinse of October that I received,the photos of you

I have been thinking of your splendid face,specially of your wonderful eyes..

Mostly when I close mine to fall asleep..

And j find in your uniquely beautiful face and yes

a island of joy 

where to recover my soul

catching mood,sweet but deep energy

that brings me 


and serenity 

leading me to the shores of the sleep 

and to the dream

of a happy ,warm 

and intense life


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Dear  Luda,

can tell Angela (you can also read this message ( that I am really interested in knowing her. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to be single yet and I want to be happy together with a woman to share everything with. I want to woo her. I want to be honest with you. It’s a time-consuming choice because this choice is very important.  But I would like to meet you in person. I would like to have coffee with her. Talk to her. Look into our eyes. I am a very polite and simple man. I like to cook together. Keeping the house in order together. Traveling together. I want to be a decent person. I don’t look for sex. I look for love. Angela interests me a lot. I would like you to be happy. For work I am 2 hours drive from Austria. If ... Read more »

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In our Matchmaking agency “Love” love lives always. You can say that now it is not time for love. There  is war. You can say this for this young man. And he will answer for you “Yes, War. October 2022. But I met my love of my life just during this time”.

The rose is one, many rises will be later, but look in is face and you will see that this young man is in love, and this love is deep and for the rest of the life. And this grey day became more bright of the smiles if people who are in love.

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