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You can tell Angela that I have real good intentions for her. Of course, you and I need to talk on the phone, at least for the moment. Then I’ll see you in person. But you should make time for me every day. And I for you. How? Just a text. One phone call. A video clip. What’s possible. Every day in this way we will take a step forward. Then the time will come for us. I’m sure.--

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 Sad Story In Our Agency

 It was almost everything ready for marriage , but...

"I have the right to express my brief thoughts on your words after this 'experience'.  , also because you have been helped during these months.  Regarding 'you did everything for your pleasure': dear LinaI DON'T NEED to go to those restaurants because I go there often, I don't need to have babysitters, I don't need to show you the western part and the eastern part of this small town, because I know it.  I don't even need to buy apartments, because I don't need to.  Consequently, I did not do all this for 'my pleasure'.  Instead, I did this for the pleasure of your company.  That was enough f ... Read more »

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