" If go abroad to meet a friend, with my money I pay for air travel, hotel, taxi, food... For me, I repeat once again, you are only and exclusively a friend. At the moment nothing more. I hope I was clear! And in my house, which is a beautiful villa, my children live in this period. One last thing to be honest all the way. With the retouched, edited photos, no longer real nobody goes shopping at the supermarket. I learned that in life it is better to be yourself. I’m not looking for dolls, but a real woman. Most likely you are not the person for me and neither am I man for you. I don’t need a doll to go out and go shopping. I need a beautiful and smart woman to share my life with. Someone who loves to cook, who is character-stable. There are so ... Read more »

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"...Although I have tried, and I am not ashamed, I, despite having noble intentions, have not been able to welcome in my house a beautiful Ukrainian woman with whom I would have shared a better life for both . Not a frivolous life. Not a banal life. Not a life without responsibility. Not a superficial life. Not a foolish life. But a healthy, beautiful life, in a beautiful house, in a beautiful town, in a beautiful region, in Italy where to live there is already in itself an immense gift.--"


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 This is our favorite client from Italia Roberto. Look at his photo!. He is very sad. why? because he is alone. 

Roberto is 47 years old, 185 cm, slim , very well educated, calme, kind, has good job , but cannot find his dream lady. He lives not far from Roma, has a big house.

 Roberto is looking for serious lady only with serious intentions about marriage.

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"Good morning. I will not send you any more of my photos. I invited you to Italy to meet us in person and get to know us in real life. If you don’t want to come. If you don’t come, it will only be your free choice. I don’t have to convince you. And I don’t want to convince you either. You’re an adult. Do what you feel like doing. I will do the same. Words are useless. Words are useless. The behavior of each of us determines our own future. If you still need to be on Lyubov’s website, it’s probably because you don’t just have to meet me virtually. Then it is right that you give yourself time and only when you meet those who are really interested you will make concrete actions worthy of importance. Even your photo on ... Read more »

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Your friend Anna is definitely gone. No problem for me of course. Just one consideration. On her profile there is a picture that looks like a porcelain doll. Stilettos, luxurious car, dressed elegant, face super makeup. But in practice you don’t have the money to pay for hotels in Italy. Or maybe you don’t want to come. But it’s okay. According to you is a woman who wants to take care of her man or is a woman who wants a man who pays for her every need, simply because she has all retouched photos to the photoshot.... It takes seriousness to be welcomed into someone else’s home. I have no confidence in her. I saw her on video on whatsapp and saw her photos. They’re two different people. . I’d have risked a lot more than you by l ... Read more »

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