Monaco. Casino. And my couple there try to win….But they already won. They won the best prize in the world- they have Love. What can be better in the world? They were looking for this  deep Love rather longtime. It was not easy, many years, a lit of energy and a lit of efforts from her side and from his side. And now they can enjoy life to be together. 

And soon we will publish marriage photos made near this Casino  of this couple. As his country is Monaco, marriage photo will be made there. And af course in Ukraine also. She is from Kiev. Only it will be after the war.

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 This is what I think about myself: 

 I'm interesting, rewarding, loveable, serious, sophisticated and determinedly person; deman ... Read more »

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 So beautiful Autumn now in Kiev and so terrible war. Never could think that it can happen in our days.

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 If you think that only you are alone and cannot find your future wife? No. Time from time we receive the letters like this. It is life.

"Thank you for your time. You couldn’t. The women you introduced me to were unreliable. So useless. I would have given one of them the chance to live in Italy, the most beautiful country in the world. Live in a villa with garden and spend a summer vacation in a beautiful house by the sea. Next to a man very courted for beauty, culture, character.

It wasn’t enough for them.

It was not enough for them.

Too bad for them.

Surely their future will be very painful.

Our paths are now definitely divided. Despite everything, it has been an experience

Have a good life.

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 Sometimes we receive the letters like this.

"I no longer want to spend a single euro to meet a Ukrainian woman.

They are women who only pretend to meet a man who pays for them everything. If a foreign woman wants to meet me, she comes to Italy at her own expense (she pays for the return flight) and I host her at my house, not at the hotel. In my house you pay nothing. Food, private room with en-suite bathroom... If you want to go to the hotel, it’s your choice, but in this case, you pay with your hotel.

The person who seemed closest to coming to Italy was Lina but she is the past. 

And it’s been too long. 

My priority now is work. 

Thanks again for everything "


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