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One lady of our agency will be a Princess.

"Dear Angela, I have always wanted to wait to meet someone special. I have not accepted sentimental compromises. You are on my way and I am on yours. My heart beats when I think of you. Your photos are important to me because I feel closer to you. Tomorrow will not be necessary because we will be together. We will live together. I will take care of you and you of me. We will share everything together. I will make you happy every day. I am a very attentive man. I know how to make a woman feel good especially in important things. Count on my support. You will never be alone again. If you have a weight of 1kg on your shoulders, I will carry half of your weight. We will have a lot of fun. But we will have a healthy, ... Read more »

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I"am a Mediterranean man, of Latin culture, sunny, cheerful, expansive, with an open character, sociable, positive, courageous, generous, selfless..

Life is not just wearing a nice jacket and tie for a man or high heels and lipstick for a woman. Of course I want to be always nice and clean for my woman. It is also a respect for myself mainly. But it’s important for me to go home and eat together. Watch a movie on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Take a walk together. Go to the supermarket and prepare dinner together. Go to a museum. To the cinema. To the theater. Confide in each other’s woman. And vice versa. But life is also available constant especially in difficult times. You must know that if in the future you need a good doctor f ... Read more »

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