Love Beyond Words

'I love you beyond words and I would give you the world. You are the woman I have been looking for for so long. You are someone I want to marry and enjoy a most beautiful life with.  We can have everything we could need in life including solving your financial problems which to me is very small. But I cannot tolerate lies and deception. This goes against love and building trust.


If you really want the same, then you need  to feel the same. You also need to always be truthful and not try to hide the lies surrounding the things I mentioned. The question remains, are you really willing to confront the patterns that are keeping you possessed? I can really help you with this, but you must be willing and you must realize you have a problem. If you do not believe you are being possessed and everything I said is not true, then we will go our separate ways.  we need to meet and decide this question."

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