So many women  alone now that the  men sometimes are losted  and cannot find that one, special woman of the life. But everybody who are looking for the right woman - always can find.

" It would be much easier and less challenging for me to start a relationship with a woman without children. But I’m a man, I’m a father, and I can take responsibility to the full. So I see no problems, but only solutions if there is a woman I really like. I assure you that I can hardly be attracted to a woman so immediately. This makes me realize that I am on the right path. But to create a relationship you have to be two. So now it’s up to Julia to decide if she wants to know me in mine. Country or not. This is his decision and I must ... Read more »

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is so pleasant to read the letters of my clients when they write about future marriage. here one letter like this .

"Honestly, she is the only one I liked 100% right away. I trust my instincts. She, if she is a serious person, one day she will become my wife. This is certain.

But she has to come to Italy to meet me. If she doesn't do this, she isn't interested."

 And we can say that this our client is engaged whith his loved lady. He had  the right intouition about her.

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Sometimes no happy end in our agency. It is life.

"Anywhay i'm not angry at all with you. 

I even thank you:

You added a small piece to the mosaic of the female  of my life..

A piece who is confirming that the female universe is unknown and infinite and unreachable..

I wish you really God luck

And to find  man better than me.

Altough I m surest that you'll not find ..not matter where and how long you search..

By now my communication with you just ended up.

I am deleting your number and all your pictures .

I wasted 4 months of my life,running after you.

And 4 months,at my age,weight like 4 years. 

Only this I blame you,cause loyalty and since ... Read more »

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 We are glad that our Julia took the heart of our Italian client.  He wrote this long letter to us and it was nice to read it.

" In life those who have more common sense use it. My decision to want a mature woman is simple. A girl thinks that with beauty she can have everything. This attitude causes instability in a relationship. I need peace and normality. A woman too young with time can wish for a child : I have 2 of age and I no longer have the desire to be a father again. This confrontation could destroy the couple’s relationship. Instead, a woman who has a child thinks about her own future and that of her son. Certainly not to have more children. Because your child must learn a new language, live in a new country, enter a different wo ... Read more »

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