Speciall engagement was yesterday in our agency. Why special? First of all that every engagement is special. 

 And also special because in was in a special place , in Spain, in Sevilla.. What warm weather was that day. 

   This couple know each other rather long time, but only now they decided to be together and to be married. The marriege will be after the war, as her father and brother are in front in the South of Ukraine. 

  Engagement was simple, but the main thing that they are happy to be together.

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 This photo is made  not fat from the place where our client lives. Our client from Italia is in love. Sure. He is ready for marriage. and She? Maybe not yet.

"Lina, you are at a crossroads. You have to choose what you really want.

They are personal choices.

With me you can have a home, food, serenity, clothes, security ....

 ( I think we want different things. I want to meet you (italy or nyon you decide) to hang out with you and build a romantic relationship as a couple.

So the decision is yours alone - think and make the right choice for you.

Your future cannot be that of a refugee woman. The future in Ukraine will still be difficult and risky (a war-worn country, with lots of weapo ... Read more »

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Even this Angel looks angry to Lina...

"DearLyubov good morning.

I sent you a copy of my last correspondence with Lina to demonstrate my intentions which are different from hers.


I asked her to meet us.

In Switzerland or in Rome.

I told her that I want to date her to get to know the person well. I told her that in the future she could have a job to manage a bed and breakfast in Trieste. I told her that one day I will also be available to marry the woman who is with me to guarantee her a monthly income for the whole life after my death.





I can only wish you happy and meet the m ... Read more »

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