He Still Looking For Wife


So many women  alone now that the  men sometimes are losted  and cannot find that one, special woman of the life. But everybody who are looking for the right woman - always can find.

" It would be much easier and less challenging for me to start a relationship with a woman without children. But I’m a man, I’m a father, and I can take responsibility to the full. So I see no problems, but only solutions if there is a woman I really like. I assure you that I can hardly be attracted to a woman so immediately. This makes me realize that I am on the right path. But to create a relationship you have to be two. So now it’s up to Julia to decide if she wants to know me in mine. Country or not. This is his decision and I must and I want to respect totally independent of the final outcome. Therefore I have other contacts of women (Ukrainian thanks to you and Italians) that I do not want to trash, because in case of rejection of Julia, I will not be unprepared, but ready to make different choices."- wrote one of our client.

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