Luda,,even if I don't know you, I begin to think what a person you are.  So you are a sensitive person. And it's a beautiful thing. Of course you try to do your job by meeting women from your country with Western men. Sometimes you say things about your ladies that don't match reality, but that's typical of anyone promoting a business. Basically you are giving these ladies opportunities to improve their life. Unfortunately, few understand what it means to be a Ukrainian woman, a person from a poor country, a citizen of a country at war ... a partner. With beauty and youth you don't buy a house, a car, you don't open a business, ... You do very few things! I especially hope that your ladies use their brains, intelligenc ... Read more »

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 We are invited  to The World’s Biggest Wedding Planning Conference.  Look what nice invitation we received. We are going to go there. 

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