Wedding…the most happy day in the life of  every girl.  And this is the most happy day of our client Victoria. Look how beautiful she is! Typical Ukraine beauty! 

She is married one moth ago in Kiev. There is war, buy the life  is the life. And the people, even the war, try to be happy. In our Marriage agency “Love” love lives always. Look at this couple. You can see that here is a very big love.   

Congratulation!!! You are happy already and we wish you to be always happy!!!

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Why those photos of the nature are in my Marriage agency site? The aswer is simple- this is a panorama from the window  of the house    of my client. In this house next week will  be the engagement  of my new couple. I also is invited and i will do more photos and iI will publish those photo from thid happy e ... Read more »

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We have a nice client from Italia, but he has very hight demands for the future wife:

"You have to tell this girl that she is definitely a beautiful woman, but this is not enough to be happy in life. If you can’t figure out what kind of man is in front of you, you’ll only make the wrong choices that will ruin you. If you don’t want a man like me, it’s only fair that you make different choices, but you must be certain that you can expect more. I think you’re really a very shallow person. .. They didn’t realize that I want a woman standing by my side, but a woman proud to be with me. I don’t run after anyone. Now you will have to do a job of convincing so many men to find a right man for her. Are you sure you’ll find a better person than me for her? If not, she’ll have to adapt and swallow bitter bits.&n ... Read more »

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"Dear Luba, I am writing you this letter because I would like to clarify some things with you. I have had an experience with you and with other agencies. The result has always been disappointing. But this is not a problem. On the contrary. I have understood many things. For example, love is not sought. Love comes. Often when no one waits for him anymore. And he overwhelms everything and everyone. Precisely because he is unpredictable. It is said that he does not last long. It can also end earli ... Read more »

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