Our client is looking for a special lady.Here what he wrote:

"I understand that you want to introduce new Ukrainian women to Western men. It’s your job. But I’m not looking for just any woman, even a beautiful woman, to fill my loneliness. I may be single all my life. It is possible. It is not what I desire, but I do not exclude it.. But I’m sure I don’t want to start any relationship that can cause me problems due to age difference, lack of interest, differences in character or life goals, like wanting a child (which I don’t want). I got used to being alone in spite of myself. Now I have opened an e-commerce  and I’m about to open another e-commerce. I’m trying to find a working solution to live with d ... Read more »

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 Look beautiful our client Victoria this day! Marriage was the 10 th November 2022. We are very glad for Victoria.   

We wish her be happy! 

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