Dear ladies!! If you have a child and you want to find a nice serious man from Italia for marriage- this letter for you . write to us and we will give your lette to our favorite client, to whom we try to help  to find his dream lady. here is his letter:

"Now I change my choice. My woman must have a child. So a person with a higher maturity. I also assume with a greater ability to make a decisive and quick choice. And if not even a Ukrainian woman with a child (not 2 or 3) who is welcomed by me is concretely willing to come here to Italy, therefore to change not only her life but also that of her son by removing herself from war and poverty, then it means that it is not destined for me to love a woman from your country"

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Ukrainian women have to thank you for meeting a man who is a serious person, who is willing to love them, who improves their life, who doesn't make them feel discriminated against, who protects them, who doesn't make them feel inferior to others. Western women, who has no prejudice. This is the first step: awareness. Those who want too much, do nothing. And if all this has no value, then your ladies better do it for themselves, come with their own strength and ability to buy a house, a car, clothes, medical care, travel, good food, excellent work, and money in the bank ....

I would like to see how many of them actually reach this milestone. Those who have more common sense use it. When you ask, you have to give in equal measure, because nothing is due ... Read more »

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