I Wasted 4 Months

Sometimes no happy end in our agency. It is life.

"Anywhay i'm not angry at all with you. 

I even thank you:

You added a small piece to the mosaic of the female  of my life..

A piece who is confirming that the female universe is unknown and infinite and unreachable..

I wish you really God luck

And to find  man better than me.

Altough I m surest that you'll not find ..not matter where and how long you search..

By now my communication with you just ended up.

I am deleting your number and all your pictures .

I wasted 4 months of my life,running after you.

And 4 months,at my age,weight like 4 years. 

Only this I blame you,cause loyalty and sincerity are the main qualities of a human beeying,not the beauty  .

Beautyness is a temporary good,that'll be expiring,day by day,month after month,year by year .

But loyalty ,goodness and sincerity not..they are values that make us reminded by the persons we met, for many years..

You should has been a bit more sincere and honest with me. 

Anywhay,this is past,and past ,even heavy and harmful,is unable to hurt us more,cause is past!!

My search of the woman of my life starts over today..

And in that I 'll be stronger and stronger,and smarter,thank to you,Yuliia:

cause you brought me 1 more peace to the mosaic of female word...a piece that unreaches me,getting me stronger and more expert,during and for these search...

Thanks for everything,and take care of you.

Good life,good luck!"

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