We are sure that our client Lina will be Happy with him.

"Lina, in life nothing is by chance. There are situations that change people's lives. For better or for worse. But there are also people who change the life of each of us. So it is important to never forget who is doing our good and who is doing evil. Distances no longer exist. There are people who are compatible in character, goodness of mind. I want to see you happy. I will do everything I can to make you happy.

I wish you the best in life.

With deep respect and sincere gratitude"


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" The iron strikes while it is hot"

" In Italy there is a famous proverb that says: "the iron strikes while it is hot". You will see, unfortunately I say, that the fate of the Ukrainian refugees will affect much less over time. Why? Because everyone will think about their own life. . And the women you know, if they don't make the right choices quickly, will end up having regrets. Without a home, a job, money, a man who wants love, an unknown language, ... how do they think they have a safe and good life, with beauty ??? Believe me, beauty doesn't matter. When a person is sick and needs a doctor if he does not have the money he is not treated. And these women never think about the future? I will have a pension that will allow me ... Read more »

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 Client from Italia is waiting a beautiful woman. We try to help him to find her.

"To live well you need common sense. Intelligence. To be concrete what a Ukrainian woman can give me, besides love of course: beauty, fidelity, , cooking, .. And what can I give to a Ukrainian woman: beyond love, fidelity, security, a home, a good life. If these things are mutually desired then a story will never end. But if Lina or another woman did not run here, despite the war, the hunger, the fear, .. It means that it is not the right situation for me. People don't have to be prayed to come. They have to understand that that is the best choice for life. If she hasn't made this choice she is not interested, she would like something else or I, as I think, ... Read more »

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