We are glad that our Julia took the heart of our Italian client.  He wrote this long letter to us and it was nice to read it.

" In life those who have more common sense use it. My decision to want a mature woman is simple. A girl thinks that with beauty she can have everything. This attitude causes instability in a relationship. I need peace and normality. A woman too young with time can wish for a child : I have 2 of age and I no longer have the desire to be a father again. This confrontation could destroy the couple’s relationship. Instead, a woman who has a child thinks about her own future and that of her son. Certainly not to have more children. Because your child must learn a new language, live in a new country, enter a different world. In the West the cost of living is higher, so it is impossible to claim 2+1+1=4 children to support. Besides in my house, I have 4 bedrooms. And even at home by the sea I always have 4 bedrooms. So one double room, one room for each of my children and one for his son. In this way everyone has their own spaces, their privacy and relationships are more balanced and durable. I believe that Julia with me realizes her life and her son’s life. This is the best she can have. I don’t think that she will want to go to a disco at night, because she will also prefer to be with her son. This way she builds a family unit. I am confident. I am really very happy to have come to you. I hope that my interest is concretely reciprocated. This would be my greatest gift after years of loneliness. For now just words, I am focused all on her. I like it too."

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