This Letter for Ladies


Dear Ladies! We have a serious man in our agency . He is esrious about marriage. Write us the letter if you think that this man can be for you. Read what he wrote:

" I’ll explain my choices.

1. Woman 36 to 46 years: in Italy I can have a woman 46 to 56 years in a short time, but I want a younger woman,

2. Woman 166 to 176 cm: in Italy women are lower from 156 to 166 and I want a taller woman,

3. Childless woman (possibly) : It is full of Italian women divorcing with children aged 4 to 15. I don’t want these responsibilities for children that aren’t mine, so at most 1 child of age or close to adulthood,

4. Woman who loves to cook: in Italy divorced women are totally taken by work and children who do not have time or do not want to cook. I don’t care about a woman like that spilling all her problems on you,

5. Foreign woman living in my home : Italian women want me to live in their home, with constant visits from their mothers, sisters, brothers... I want to live in my home.

6. Woman to travel together : with the Italian woman it is not possible to travel and have time for us, unless we take with us her often underage children, with a foreign woman this may not happen."

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