Уears: 22 | Children: NO | Education: University 2017-06-19, 20:31

I'm Miss Hair of the University. 'Im very proud of my hair. Its take o lot of time to take care about so long hair, but I will never cut them.
i understand that to be Miss Hair it's not so important. More important -It's to be a personality,and I try to be a real Personality. I study at the Medical University in order to help the people in the future. I like to help to everybody who need it. And , of course , I want to meet a very kind man whith big heart like mine.



ID GIRL: N824 Oxana

Уears: 22 | Weight: 56 | Height: 168 | Children: no | Profession: Student

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привет красивая рыжая девушка
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