We'll Meet in Our Future life...

 Sad , very sad letter from my client, But if i will say that we have only happy love story- it will be not true. The medal has two sides...

"Lina i see that in your life there is not any, even small,space for me. So by now i gona enforce myself to forget about you.. Any relationship,specially at the begin,can't be if is not mutual:you don't write me,don't catch me,don't find 1 minute to call me.. so,it's all an own my infatuation for you. You must know that i praied last night , also for you and your dear mama,for health ,mood and all the best,after praying for my son and ex wife for her health,and for my parents and brothers. And my heart was full of hopes. But you don't care at all about me and about eachothers. Ecaxtly like in Kiev.. Life i only 1. I m going to pray our Lord to delete all of you from my soul and heart,with hidden tears inside me. But is better.. And i apologize if disturbed you. Take care. And good luck for everything. Maybe we'll meet in our future life,between Angels and our living persons.. There will be all light,softly singing birds,moonlight during the day..". 

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