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They Are Not Together Any More


 I want to write my thoughts on how much you said and on your person.  Regarding your words 'you did everything for your pleasure': dear Lina I don't need to go to certain restaurants, because I frequent them regularly, I don't need to buy apartments because I already have them and because I live alone, I I don't need to show you the east and west parts of this city because I know it, I don't need to visit photo exhibitions because I've already visited them, I don't need a babysitter and I don't need to buy anything , and I don't need to finance other people's lives, and I can finance mine.  Consequently, if I did all this, it was for the pleasure of your company.  This was enough for me, mainly.  There is a big difference between you and me: I already have, and you don't have.  So, for me the presence of a person is important, while for you it is important what a person can give you materially.  Your angry reactions that you did not receive a dress or that we did not visit a carnival show how important it is to you to receive materially.  You ask for guarantees, but you don't give them.  Your promise is enough, but that of others is not.  I can understand this, but I must say that I was ashamed of having believed in you.  I also believe that you should be ashamed of your behavior.  Of course, you don't believe it.  We are different, both in culture, in education, and in expectations.  I wish to meet a person similar to me: who already has and who can give more importance to the human being.  You wish to initially meet someone who is like you, that is, those who mainly want to take from you, to feel what it means to have a person close to us who always seems to want to receive.  Then, finally, to meet a person who gives you everything you want and how you want.  Even in this, I'm not like you.  I leave you your offenses.

  Good and happy continuation."

This happen in our agency. Sometimes it happen. It is life.


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