Is it better to love and lost than to never have loved at all? Are the words from the poets of the past true? Or does the pain of a love that is lost outweigh the joys of the love that once thrived? My heart indeed was broken and neither the riches of a prince nor the faith that can move mountains can heal this lonely heart. But I will not allow this sadness turn my heart to stone. 

The tides of the ocean with its onrushing salty waters cast the shells upon the shore devouring all that dare to resist. But yet the ocean waters do recede leaving in its wake regenerated sandy beaches to be warmed by the shining sun.

So how can this broken heart be mended? Only by love. For without love I have nothing. But the hope of love, the thought of love will endure forever. And like the endless tides of the seven seas, love will return to mend my broken heart.

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