Very pleasant to read the letteres of our clients where they write about us  that we are serious. The client wrote only few words, but behind those words so many energy and works- the years.

"I signed up on a site of your competitor and they sent me a mountain of letters and photos so many women. It certainly gratifies me. But I don’t care because I need trust and you are a serious person. I don’t let anyone in my house. If I don’t meet the person I love, it will never be a problem. I can have so many stories with so many different girls. In life you have to know how to take what is most appropriate. It is not a drama. You live the same. Often even better"


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 Tres Agreable sms aujourd'hui.

Oh Luda, c’est vraiment la première fille toute correcte ! Tous pass très bien avec elle ! Lena est super et je suis très très très contente ! Je la vois la première fois demain . La tu m’a fait un grand cadeau ! Je te remercie beaucoup. 

Je te donne des nouvelles après le premier rendez-vous.


de ton ami et client 

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