Our client  Petro is in love with our client Angelina and ask us to help him.

"Please call Angelina and tell thst I didn't want at all ro hurt her,not doubting at all about her beauty and want to meet her to clarify and witness her how much I like her and how I have serious intentions to build a family with her. 

And tell I bought an original present for her. 

And tell that I miss her a lot..our communications,our calls,our Confidencese..

But again if she's really intentioned to change life ,quitting her so intense busy whay,so focus only on job,but lonesome life,in order to share her life with a man so tender and loving and cheerfully like me..

Catch me her,Luda,you wrote me many times she' ... Read more »

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Les pensees  de notre client a propos de mariage..."Ça , c’ est un couple NORMAL : un homme et une femme se rencontrent , se plaisent mutuellement , se fréquentes , font tout ce ce passe entre homme et femmes., et après ils vont peut être vivre ensemble et marier . La seule garantie c’ est les sentiments , chère Luba . Les autre façon de faire ont comme acteurs des misérables ou des entres humains qui veulent acheter et se faire acheter ."


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