I want to write my thoughts on how much you said and on your person.  Regarding your words 'you did everything for your pleasure': dear Lina I don't need to go to certain restaurants, because I frequent them regularly, I don't need to buy apartments because I already have them and because I live alone, I I don't need to show you the east and west parts of this city because I know it, I don't need to visit photo exhibitions because I've already visited them, I don't need a babysitter and I don't need to buy anything , and I don't need to finance other people's lives, and I can finance mine.  Consequently, if I did all this, it was for the pleasure of your company.  This was enough for me, mainl ... Read more »

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 To find your dream lady it is not easy and It is takes time.So I agree with you that it might take time. How much you do not know!

So if you have to introduce me to some women, who must first of all be really beautiful and reliable and without asking you to want to get pregnant, my parameters are always these:

Age 34/48

Aktezza 166/180

Slim build

Skinny physique

Hair color indifferent

Straight hair

Eyes color indifferent

Sine 2/4 measure

Children under age 1 maximum if living with mamna

Children of age if they don’t live with her

Tattoos as long as they are small

Piercing as long as it is small 

I smoke only if not habitual

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 Good morning. Buy a shirt, a tie, a pair of shoes.. is a simple choice. Buy a more complicated car. Buy an even more challenging house. But if a man (like me) is looking for his soul mate this quest is certainly very fascinating but equally important.. In fact until today it has not been difficult for me to have many casual relationships, but since 2008 year of divorce with my ex-wife, only a cohabitation lasted almost 4 years with a beautiful Italian woman, It ended badly for both of us because she wanted a child from me and I absolutely didn’t. Later she had a child with a man, of which she is not in love, and I remained single (despite many suitors) traveling a lot and having very short stories with different women.

So I agree with you that it m ... Read more »

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