Chacun a le drroit de avoir ses pensees

";Je crois que la us grande majorité sont des femmes hypocrites et opportunistes . De dire parfois 2 bookish mots à un homme , et de lui , pardonnez moi , embrasser  le corps ‘ ou ‘ il faut ‘ , il ne’ est pas si difficile à faire . Je crois que la plus grande majorité ferait tout ceci à presque n’ importe quel homme.l homme ."- Otto

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    Sometimes we receive the letters very angre, Here one :

"Help Lena find a better man than me. You have to help her. She can really come to a bad end. He is incapable of making a conscious and just choice. She is potentially the classic woman who is used by a man to have sex only, while he promises love and a happy life. It makes me so tender. But she just needs a mirror to live on. She likes it. She’s vain. If one day he has serious problems in the West (health,.). He never goes anywhere with selfies. It’s trouble for anyone who gets upset. But no one takes it for life. One day you’ll tell me I was right. Unfortunately for her-"

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