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He Is Looking For Dream Lady

 We have a nice  client from Italiia. He is serious about marriage. We try to help him. Ithis is his letter.

'They are in Rome at the airport. Destination Madrid and then Valladolid, also Spain. After so many different acquaintances I realized that for me it is better to have a woman (35/46 years) without children (maybe because he does not want them or because he is willing to give them up to be with a man like me) or a woman who has children (the number does not matter, as long as they do not live with her or are adults). I have two grown children who don’t live with me, so there’s no point living with a woman with underage children. I have my own space now, even with my children, I have my freedom. Of course if she should have children and they whenever they want, they will surely be welcome guests, as happens to my children. But starting all over again, no. If you and I want to move to another city and move elsewhere for a new job, we have to be free to take 2 bags and leave. With young children it would be more complicated : school, setting, friendships... I have been single for 10 years, I have devoted all my free time to raising my children, albeit at a distance, and today if I have to give up my freedom, which allows me to travel for example, I want to do it with a woman who has no ties with minor children. In this way I wish to share my life with you. Not with others. One person I know, after his new woman’s insistence, decided to have a new child with her. The child is born with a very serious illness and this condition will be the whole life of the child, who must always be assisted, and their relationship, which is no longer serene as before. One cannot have everything in life. One must be thankful. Aware. Responsible. Intelligent. He who wants too much holds something tight.

Good day to you and all your loved ones."

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