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A Determined Man

Liubov I would not have looked for anything else if things had gone differently with you. I am a determined man and I will have what I want. I want to see what others propose and then I will make my best choice. Or I will make no choice. Surely if I choose a person she will be very happy with me. One thing is certain : I will not be treated badly by any woman and if I see the squalor as among your customers, their arrogance, the claim to feel important (when they are not really anyone!) I definitely close. I will never go to any foreign country to meet a refugee wife. If you want to come here to Italy to meet me, I’ll send you a plane ticket and host you at my house. If she’s not okay with it, she better stay and be a refugee, because I’m not moving anymore. I’m not sending money to anyone, contact aside. If he demands money, he stands in the middle of the street and finds someone who offers it to him in exchange for something else. I don’t care about your party tomorrow. I am a Buddhist. Wishing the Orthodox tomorrow is like greeting an Arab for Ramadan. A courtesy. Nothing more.

Good night.

Our paths are divided. You will find other customers, I hope for you better than myself.

Thank you"

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