Tom Is Happy!

I reclaim my heart back because i will need it soon this is the new little one ! There was in history helena of troy but history alwsys reapets it self and now is helena of kiev ! The touch of her hand electrafies my body and the taste of her lips could bring all the stars and angels down and surender infront of  her and her smile can wipe away all the sadness around us !  Luda u are always right with everything ,  i have taken a sighn from up above that this little on is the one i can say the chosen one !  Mama call i salute her !  i had enough trouble ! Its time for happines and the bonus is on the way !

There are many paper hearts around us in life the only way to find out is u light a match and u burn them and after will remain the real hearts ...  because the paper hearts give only pain ...  and they so many and u should never go back to them ...

Heavens at my feet now that i have found u again , my life will be complete if i will be around you , no one else has touch me so deeply , no one could satisfy me so sweetly , love me till the end of  time ..

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