! Mini Pain Chapter :


If you're leaving close the door , I'm not expecting people  anymore , Here me grieving  lying on the floor , Whether I'm drunk or dead  I really ain't too sure , I'm a blind man , And my world is pale , When a blind man cries , Lord, you know
There ain't a sadder tale , Had a friend once, in a room , Had a good time, but it ended much too soon , In a cold month in Kiev in that room , We found a reason, for the things we have to do...

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When i was married my ex wife , didnt cook , didnt clean , and didnt want Children to not break her body and was also afraid , but she also had some good in her she was trustfull and honest , and she loved me and she also spoil me  , i could call her Lady with all the meaning of the Word and everyone here where i am was jelous of us she even knew how to look at one man and her eyes were telling him fuck off , when i told her we will divorce and dont love you anymore was a lie  because its very important for me ta have Children and it was the only way to escape and find another willing to have Children i passed a dificult moth then but now its even more harder beeing alone and not knowing WHO to TRUST and WHO is faithfull , life is hard but we people make it even harder  ,  i can remember the tears in her eyes , for me now i quess its payback time because in life always u get payed back with the same coin , i can love but i cant& ... Read more »

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Yes Luda , i am suffering for Nata , but when i come there , i will have to unsuffer and have a great time , becase trully i have a life here and its good , i will not waiste it any more for no one , tell me please if u have any news about Nata for me , even good even bad please tell me ? does Nata have feelings for me ? or its strickley buisness ? i will respect u with any answer , she will have to pay more attention for me to be with me , and show me if she loves me and how much she loves me or needs me , its a Greek saying look at me with one eye and i will look u back with two ...

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Came home this mornin', she wouldn't let me in
She said, "Go away baby, I got too many friends"

Hard to love a woman when the woman don't love you back
She'll treat you so low down 'n' dirty, 'till you won't know what to do

You miss treat me baby and you hurt me , you cheat on me !

Your gonna miss me when im dead and gone  ...


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