Our client continu to tell his story. He really fall in love!

Hello Luda and Thank you for your answer , i want come on 23 December , or i will fix my heart there or i will break it complete ! i dont know what do ? You think i should come ? i would like to see you , i had a better time with you than the girls i meet there , i enjoy a good company of a true friend , if all the gils that u have there in your agency had the half heart and soul you have they would have all succeded in happy marrieges and familys , SHe ask for help again for teeth , i dont give any help no where , because i have given more then i recieve , its better to help my self get out of this situation im mixed in and find my Real and true way with a decent person WHO will love me and need me all the time and spend every minute of our life together  and not use me as a ATM in a bank ,  , , the fisrt night i arrive in Kiev i went to my hotel , i was waiting for my love one i was ... Read more »

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  The name of our Agency Is LOVE. Its real name.  Majority of our client   fall in love, Its normal in our Agency. We work whis Astroplogist, its help a lot. Thats why  we have good result and people are happy and stay married, no divorses after marriage. One more client fall in love whis our client. We cannot show their pforos because they are not married jet, but later we will do this. Here is his letter about his feelings, the most interesting thing is that client never fall in love in his life, Its first time in his life ,he is 45y.o.

 'This is for my Love from Kiev  I"ve got her under my skin and its so deep it reaches to my heart , its so deep in my heart that your really a part of me ! i"ve tried so not to give in , i said to my self : this afair will never go so well , but why should i try to resist when baby i know so well that i have got u inder my skin already , i would sacrifi ... Read more »

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