Tom`s Love Story

There are many paper hearts around us in life the only way to find out is u light a match and u burn them and after will remain the real hearts ...  because the paper hearts give only pain ...  and they so many and u should never go back to them...

Heavens at my feet now that i have found u again , my life will be complete if i will be around you , no one else has touch me so deeply , no one could satisfy me so sweetly , love me till the end of  time..

Life keeps secrets for the right time i believe in miracles and in wishes coming true only for special people who deserve it...

... Forgive me i have the need to hear u , forgive me i have so much to tell you , that whatever i do in my life first i think of you , and whatever i write they are poems for you out of my heart , and i have so many things to say and so many things to give you , and how to surrender my soul when the time will come , and now i remain here with all this i cant give , tell me do u think of me can u sleep at night , tell me did u ever love me even just a little bit ? Tell me about your lonelines , Tell about your empty arms ? Tell me why u are not speaking with me ...  i see your tears from happines that u are with another and its driving me crazy ,  please forgive me that i will hate u for abit ...  because love is always stronger than hate...


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