The war is one year already. What the sad word I wote. But It is the reallyty.  

 But look to Ukraine today. Lookto our people!. We are survived. We continue to work, We continue to enjoy life. 

 The date which  we organised for tomorrow , prouved  that.

 Kate will meet Roberto tomorrow in Roma.  Before the war Kate lived in Kiev. Now she lives in Spain. But Thanks to our agency Kate and Roberto coud meet each other in Internet. Tomorrow they will have date in Italia, where Roberto lives. Two hours of fly and will be a real meeting.

  We are sure that they will like each other and will be together. The time will show.


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"Dear, I want to tell you something in total sincerity: if you no longer want to come, if you are not convinced you are coming, if you have suddenly changed your mind, if you are no longer sure, if you are worried, ... if I I give you all this discomfort, so I advise you not to come to me. I care that you are happy, that you are well. If, on the other hand, you are not happy to come to my house, despite my sincere hospitality, I prefer, in spite of myself, but only and exclusively for your own good, that you make a different choice. I want you to be happy always. Where, with whom, how I don't care at all: I just need to know that you are serene and happy. I have read that you are worried and I am very sorry because I would like exactly the opposite for you. M ... Read more »

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