Better Love with sadness, that sadness without love. This is my answer to my client who is suffering of love

",-My love...
Since you disappeared from my life,
A deep fog invaded my horizon
A sorrow's steam occupied my daylight..
I can't see the sun in the morning
And the moonlight in the night..
Even the birds are silent..
The river doesent want to flow 
The sea refimuses to touch the cliff..
All around me I'd grey..
My life is not brilliant anymore 
Like it was when you were in my days accompanied me to the shores if the sleep..
I feel a deep pain in my heart and from my face 
Bring me
 back your smile 
Your hair,your ... Read more »

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"In  our agency there are many happy love stories, but sometimes we have sad love stories. In this letter our client wrote about this.

Anywhay i'm not angry at all with you. 
I even thank you:
You added a small piece to the mosaic to my life..
A piece who is confirming that the female universe is unknown and infinite and unreachable..
I wish you really God luck
And to find  man better than me.
Altough I m surest that you'll not find ..not matter where and how long you search..
By now my communication with you just ended up.
I am deleting your number and all your pictures .
I wasted 4 months of my life,running after you.
And 4 months,at my age,weight like 4 years. ... Read more »

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