Elena is our new client, she is from Kiev but now she live in Barcelona, Spain. She is looking for a man who can be her future husband. If you want contact Elena we will be glad to help you. Our Viber and WhattsApp is +380679749242

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"This is a letter of our client from Italia to his soulmate. But so deep feeling we cannot meet very often.Mario gave the permission to us to publish his letter in our site in order that his loved girl will read it.

"My darling, i wish you good night,thinking of you...

I want to prese

nt you the half part of my heart,that one full of emotions,love,feelings,the part that is waiting for so longtime a whoman who can receive and get it,holding in her warm hands..

And at the same time i want that you feed and fill the second part of my heart,

That one empty and cold for so longtime,

The part that is waiting for the woman who can warm and fill and feed with her soul and warm love"

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 She can be happy with him in his country, in Italia. We are sure. Only read his sinsere letter:

"I believe your arrival only when I come to pick you up personally. Of course I hope you come. I wish it for myself, but mostly for you. The worst situation you have experienced, together with tens of millions of your compatriots, can turn for you and (unfortunately) very few others into a net improvement in your life. It's up to you to be smart. Behave correct. Don't lose what you can have. And even more who will do your good. Think about the future. Use common sense and wisdom. Those who are satisfied enjoy. And whoever wants too much gets nothing. But you can give so much to me too. Be so much for me. I know that in addition to being welco ... Read more »

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