Уears: 25 | Children: NO | Education: University 2015-09-13, 23:53

   Im very serious to find my man,

I am like a spring sun ray: warm, smiling and emitting positive feelings and energy. I consider myself having a good sense of humour and I truly believe that you can find something good in any bad situation and that only optimists could survive in our world. I can make my house a cozy place for my husband to hurry back home after work, not to any other place. I am very active by nature and am always engaged into doing something. To my mind, rest is the change of activity that's why I like travelling, visiting different places to find something new and interesting. I adore our Crimean Mountains, I can't describe in words what I experience there feeling myself a small part of the huge Universe. As a cell phone needs to be charged from time to time the same about me: I need to go to the mountains or somewhere to the countryside to get energy. Describe your future partner: In spite of my trying to find positive sides in life, there are sad and hard times in it. Ours is the world of males, not females. And I feel myself just being a weak woman who is looking for a strong man's shoulder. I want to find an understanding, faithful, caring and generous person. Nothing extraordinary, upon the whole. In my opinion, physical attraction is very important in a relationship, only meeting a person and spending some time with him you can say, "It's my Mr. Right." When feelings, especially love, are involved we decide not with our head but with our heart, it's like chemical reaction inside you. I won't hide that although I understand the importance of writing letters to find out whether people are compatible or not, I would expect to meet this person and rather soon. I am looking for a husband, not for a pen-pal. I don't have time to waste on just letter-writing and I am not a player by nature. Life it's too short to spend it on things like this. I truly believe that we come to this world to be happy. God created us to live in couples - I am trying to find my second half. 

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Уears: 25 | Weight: 52 | Height: 165 | Children: no | Profession: A singer

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