"Dasha My Darling Love 

I'm all caught up! I read the "Assume" letter before this one wondering about why not Texas Women. How do I write this without saying something negative and sounding bitter? I just will speak the truth. Here goes ... American Women are spoiled, entitled, take us entirely for granted. America is long past traditional Men - Woman roles. There's a terrible selfishness and self-love a life style of debauchery, a lost morality. I get up to go to Church as Worship Leader on Sunday mornings and the streets are vacant of cars. Once had hundreds of members in our Church. Now we have 20 to 30. Women here have an over abundance mentality. They say to men. Hey I know how I look.   THEY WANT clothes jewels trips restaurants bars and lavish parties. I want glitzy bling bling and if you don't sing there's another guy standing right behind you ready to take your place. It's not about Love and Light and Tenderness and God leading us in a purpose driven life of giving to others before ourselves. It's all about worldly self love what's in it for me. That's why I came looking for you Dasha. You are a Diamond in the Sand. I found you shining in all the grains of beaches stretched across the Mediterranean. You are the most beautiful woman of soul and heart and intelligent mind. My heart pounds when I say your name and chimes and charms go off as a cool breeze brushes off the tropical patio over looking the ocean. My HEART goes into a rush the second you walk into a room. Your perfect scent fills my lungs with tremendous passionate energy. There's no one else in the world . I cannot describe my feelings in words. This is why my very essence of being must have you with me for you are the air I breathe. You are the one I strive for to become the best that I can be. Because I know from my heart to God we were meant to be. Now I'm counting the hours when your Visa is approved and we join as one. And we've only just begun. You are my everything under God my Dasha! Opening your photo is unlike unwrapping very special hand picked gifts from you to me! I cherish you, I'm devoted to you, I give you honor and my life of love for only you. When I say "I love you" and that "I'm falling in love with you". I'm at that very moment picturing our lives together as Husband and Wife. And that in my every day and night is to place you first in love honor and devotion all the days of my life. I love you completely."

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