They Have Problem,But They In Love

 Please specify what problem I made till now and try to be logical.

I just sumnarize our situation:

We decided that you came again on 8th of January. My caugh and small flu ended on 8;so we could meet on 9,even on 10..but your father presented you the voucher of 12 holidays days in that resort..you failed our second meeting..ok..I said:my love is better that you finis your holiday with family cause I don't want that your dad hates me and reverse on me every fault..you wrote me thank for your wise advice but I need you,I have to come to you.
Ok,come ..I provided for you all the resources..you woke up early and started to come(I didn't claim any selfy photo of you during the ride,cause trusted you).
At 12.15 you wrote me that you fatherstooped the car(a thing that only in Ukraine an happen).
I was sad and angry cause I desired you,I missed you..but ok,I realised that your father was worrying about you and I accepted "Obtorto collo",latin expression that means that I submitted myself to father 's wish..
Now I proposed you,after thinking a lot with Luda,that is better that you travel by train,public transportation that can't be stopped..and even I proposed to come to meet you at polish border..
So..wich problem I made?
If you have another solution,I ll be glad to accept it..
Do you see that even with tablet I can't sleep more than 5 hours because of such issue?
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